How to automate exporting Image Previews of BarTender documents via .NET SDK Follow


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You are automating BarTender over .NET SDK. You would like your application to either export or display an Image or Print Preview of the BarTender document to be printed.

Applicable to

BarTender Automation Edition and above


To generate image previews, this can be done using BarTender .NET SDK with the following methods:

    • LabelFormatDocument.ExportImageToFile method- Creates an image of the label format and saves it to an image file. (Same thing as if you would perform "File > Export Image" within BarTender Designer).

    • LabelFormatDocument.ExportPrintPreviewToFile method- Exports a label preview. (Same thing as if you would perform "File > Print Preview" within BarTender Designer). Note: this is an Enterprise Automation Edition only feature for BarTender 2016 and below.

Additional resources

  • For more specific information on making use of .NET SDKs from BarTender, start your BarTender copy, open the "Help > BarTender Help" Menu and visit the "Automating BarTender > Automation with the BarTender .NET SDK" section.
  • For more general information on automating BarTender, please refer to BarTender Help.

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