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Is it possible to install BarTender and host a license on a Virtual Machine (VM)?


BarTender 2016 and later.


Yes, it is possible to install BarTender and host a license on a Virtual Machine. However, additional configuration is needed to avoid licensing issues. The following settings should be applied to the VM being used:

1. A static MAC address for the virtual network card.

2. A static CPU ID for the virtual processor.

3. Also, do not change the hardware allocation of your VM. If you do need to change your hardware, please deactivate BarTender first and reactivate after making your changes.

Please reach out to the manufacturer of your VM software if you need help checking or changing these settings.

More Information

A Note on Virtual Machines

  • VMWare products are fully supported and we test extensively on this platform.
  • Microsoft Virtual PC and Virtual Server should work, but we rarely test on this platform.
  • Parallels for the Macintosh may work, but we do not test with it, and cannot support it.
  • WINE for Linux may support BarTender, but will not work with Windows drivers. We cannot support it or recommend it for use in a production environment.


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