Printing "VOID" on labels after adding an RFID object. Follow

Fernando Ramos Miracle


Printing "VOID" on labels after adding an RFID object.


If the customer is complaining that, after adding an RFID object to a design, they keep getting the word "VOID" printed all over the label, then the issue is probably related with wrong data being placed on the EPC segment.

The EPC segment of an RFID tag is very strict with what number of hexadecimal characters/bits it needs to encode. As reference:

The EPC segment needs to contain 16 hex characters (for 64 bit values), 24 hex characters (for 94 bit values) or 50 hex characters (for 198 bit values).

To solve the problem the user has two alternatives:

a. Include a value with the correct number of characters in the RFID object.

b. If the customer wishes to encode "custom" data (not following the EPC rules) then they should do so on the "User" segment, instead of the EPC segment:


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