Identify CSV database fields as integration variables with the Integration Platform Follow

Fernando Ramos Miracle

BarTender Content Team


 How to have the Integration Platform identify the fields of a CSV file type as Integration variables.


Converting CSV database fields into internal variables is useful because you can then reuse those variables to set print options as well as using them as data for your data sources. Integration Builder can do this automatically when you "convert to record set" the received data.

The Integration would have the following structure:

a. The action "Transform Text To Record Set" will be the one where the integration identifies the different fields as variables.

b. The "For Each Database Record" action is actually a group: it will run any action set in this group for each record/line in the trigger file detected.

c. As the "Print Document" action is inside the group mentioned in b. it will have access to all the variables for each database field.

After the above configuration you will be able to add those database fields to the Print Document action as follows:

The rest of database fields you can pass them to the document through the Database Override option:

*Make sure to use the "Current Record" variable to use only the information from each record. Using the "Integration input data" you would pass the entire database for each record.


-. The "Transforms text to record set" action needs to use the %EventData% variable of source of the data (by default it's set to "Embedded Data".
-. For this same action you'll need to specify an example database with the desired structure (the one you sent me could do). That way it will be able to properly identify the future trigger files and their database fields.

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