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In an integration, can you read data from 2 different sources, compare the data and then print a document conditionally based on the result of the data comparison?


Yes, this is indeed possible. Find below an example (using TCP/IP sockets).



The following Integration File shows how you could create either a TCP/IP or Serial Port Integration to scan a first set of data (which will stay in %EventData%), then create an additional Action which will scan for a second set of data (which I have stored to a variable called %SecondScan%).

Once you have both sets of data, you can compare them via a PowerShell Script:

$First = "%EventData%"
$Second = "%SecondScan%"
$Result = $First.equals($Second)

The Result is written to a third Integration variable called %Result%.

Finally, you can perform a conditional "Print Document" action, based on the value of %Result%. If it's True, then the document will be printed (well, in my example I've used "Begins with" T as the "Equals" True comparison wasn't working). 



Some screenshots:

The initial TCP/IP detection is configured to stop reading after 5 characters:


The Second Read from Network Socket (this time as an Action), works exactly in the same way, but opens a new connection:



The PowerShell command to perform the comparison:



The conditional Print Document Action:



More Information (Internal)

The Integration File + the Hydrashok File (which is a Seagull Tool used to fire data over Serial or TCP/IP port) can be downloaded from here:


As per the Hydrashok configuration, I've created 2 triggers, one which fires at 5 seconds and which will provide data for the TCP/IP Integration, and the second one which fires at 15 seconds, and which will provide the data for the "Read from Network Socket" Action.

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