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Printer settings control the way the printer behaves while printing. Options such as orientation, page setup, and stock size among others allow users to adjust printer behaviour.   

BarTender allows users to specify and save these settings to individual documents (BTW files) to make sure that labels are always printed as intended. In addition, Seagull Printer Drivers provide a unified interface between all supported printer models to make it easy to setup printers.  

Applicable to

All printers with Seagull Printer Drivers


Below you can find different ways in which to set printer settings:

Saving Printer Driver Settings on a per BarTender Document basis

BarTender allows you to set printer driver settings on the document itself.  Settings on the Document will override the Driver Settings, the Driver Settings will override the printer settings. To adjust settings do the following:

  1. Open the label in BarTender
  2. Click File -> Print
  3. Click the Document Properties button to change settings for the document

It is recommended to use the printer settings saved in the document even if all documents will use the default settings.

Share driver settings for all documents and between Windows Users

To make sure that all printer driver settings are sourced and identical for all for all BarTender documents and for all Windows users, you can do the following:

  1. Open a label in BarTender
  2. Click File>Print
  3. Go to Printer properties>Tools tab>Driver Options>Network Settings>Printing Preferences
  4. Enable "Share settings between all documents"inline-1218314324.png

Saving Printer Driver Settings on a per user basis

  1. Go to Control Panel>Devices and Printers
  2. Select the printer>manage>Printer Properties mceclip0.png
  3. General Tab>Preferencesmceclip1.png

The default location for the printer driver settings file since driver version 2017.1:

  • Default location "C:\Users\<username>\Desktop\Seagull\201X.Y\Common".
  • Naming convention is "Defaults[SS]_201X.Y.0.0"
Example, for v2018.1 the default location is "\Desktop\Seagull\2018.1\Common"
and default name is "Defaults[SS]_2018.1.0.0.sds"

Default Printer Settings

  1. Go to the Printer Properties for the selected printer
  2. Select Advanced>Printing Defaults...


In order to copy the modified default printer driver settings to a new installation you can proceed as follows:

  1. For the currently installed printer, open the printer driver "Printer Properties" dialog
  2. Select the "Tools" Tab, click on "Driver Options..." button
  3. Choose the "Driver Settings" to be exported and press the "Export" buttonmceclip3.png
  4. Name the exported file "Defaults.sds"
  5. Open the folder where the new driver files are stored (probably on a different computer)
  6. Replace the existing "Defaults.sds" file with the exported file
  7. Install the printer driver using the "DriverWizard.exe" assistant. The driver will be installed with your exported settings

Hardware Printer Settings

These settings are used when no other configuration for the printer is available. Configuration for these settings are printer specific. They are adjusted on the physical printer itself and cannot be adjusted through software. Refer to the printer manufacturer/user manual for more information.

Per document settings have priority over any other printer settings.

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