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 Can I encode international characters in a QR code?



Every barcode that you add to your template has a unique specification that defines how the barcode encodes its data. This specification, called a symbology is the encoding scheme used to express numerical and character data with a pattern in a barcode. Linear barcodes (or 1D barcodes) rely on bars and spaces to encode the data, while 2D symbologies (such as Data Matrix or QR Code) use dots or squares. The arrangement of these basic elements defines the type of symbology in use. 

Some symbologies natively support encoding of international characters. If you need to encode characters from multiple languages in a barcode, first choose a symbology that fits your language(s) and the characters you need to include. A list of supported character sets is listed on the Symbology and Size property page under the Text Encoding dropdown list. 

In QR barcodes, this option is non-existent or grayed out by default.

A QR code can only print international characters, if it's configured to work using "Unicode".


To do so follow these steps:

1. Open the barcode object's properties and access the "Symbology and Size" node.

2. Change the "Start Mode" to "Binary" instead of using "Auto".

3. And then change the "Text Encoding" option to "Unicode (UTF-8).

After the above you'll be able to use any international character you require:

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