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 Is it possible to use multiple font styles within HTML text object in BarTender?


 1.Using the style attribute 

HTML elements can be modified by attributes. Attributes are placed within the opening tag in an element. You can set the style of every HTML element by using the style tag. The HTML style attribute has the following syntax:


<tagname style="property:value;"> 


2.Using the .class selector

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are a way to control how to render an HTML text object in BarTender.

The class attribute is a global attribute that can be used to establish arbitrary groups of elements.  You can assign the same class to multiple HTML elements so that they can be referenced as a group via CSS. CSS provides a lot of flexibility in how you can alter the appearance of any type of element. 


CSS syntax

.class {
    css declarations;

HTML syntax

<p class="class">This paragraph refers to a class attribute defined by CSS </p>


More Information (Optional)

*For more information please find attached the sample BarTender document:

*An easy way to manage an HTML file containing several elements (tags) is by linking it to BarTender, as external file data source type. This data source makes it easy to input HTML into a text object using a markup language. Thus, you can keep using your favorite HTML editor to edit and save the code. BarTender will automatically convert the text and formatting it accordingly (Please find attached the video file).

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