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Nigel J. Navarro

BarTender Content Team


Printing a certain quantity to my printer results in the incorrect quantity of my label to be printed.

It is possible that I am printing using a database connection, and one of my database fields hold the print quantity that I desire.

Everything appears correctly in Print Preview, so why am I not getting the correct amount of prints?


BarTender 2016 and later


Customer is using a Database Integration 

You will want to look here for a potential resolution: Multiples of the Selected Records Quantity Printing from a Database Integration

Customer is Printing Directly from BarTender

Go into Administer -> Advanced Printer and Driver Setup, and uncheck the option for Use alternate method to control data sourced copies


More Information

From the BarTender Help Menu under "Advanced Printer and Driver Setup Dialog"

Use alternate method to control data sourced copies: This option can be used to work around problems encountered when using a data source for the Copies setting

Some drivers have difficulty in changing the number of copies per page during a single print job. For example, if your print job was supposed to print 2 copies of the first item, 5 copies of the second item and 4 copies of the third item, you may receive 2 copies of each item instead when you print. This option ensures that you will receive the correct number of each item when using a data source for the Copies setting.

When this setting is enabled, BarTender will generate the print job by breaking it into smaller parts, which avoids changing the copy count between pages. This may be slightly slower but will ensure that the correct number of copies print for each record.

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