How to enable Printer Code Recording Follow

Domingo Rodriguez

BarTender Content Team


How to enable Printer Code Recording when a Seagull driver has been installed for your printer.


In order to enable printer code recording in the Seagull printer driver, go to "Printers & Faxes" in Windows, now open the "Printer Properties" for your printer instance, select the "Tools" tab and click on "Logging Options" button. As an example, see the below screenshot:

You can now enable Printer Code Recording:

The next time you send a print job, it should be recorded (unless there is any permission problem which would prevent the log folder and file to be created).

More Information (Optional)

Normally, when troubleshooting print problems, you will want to enable the printer code recording feature and then obtain:

  • The BarTender document (.btw).
  • A "bad" printer code recording print file (so, one which produced a bad print result).
  • A "good" printer code recording print file (one which produced a correct print result).

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