Controlling the Printing of a Multi-Datasource Barcode Based upon a Data Entry Form Field Follow


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I do not want my barcode to print if I do not enter anything in the Data Entry Form.

However, there are other pieces of the barcode that are already populated with data. 


Use Named Data Sources.

When you name a data source in an object on a template, you are able to access the data contained within that data source and use it in other objects. This is useful for Conditional Printing, which needs to reference the data source and determine if the expression you have provided is valid or not.

  1. Add a Name to the field that is or will be tied to the Data Entry Form Field.
  2. Then, click the top of the barcode hierarchy.

  1. Click on the icon for Conditional Printing
  2. Select Conditionally, based on data source and choose your named data source.

More Information

Please see the following example:


When you run it, try the following tests:

  1. File -> Print Preview -> Enter random numerical data -> Preview
    1. Notice how the barcode appears with all the data
  2. File -> Print Preview -> Preview
    1. Notice how no barcode appears

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