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 Is it possible to sort how the database fields are displayed in "record picker"?




BarTender v2016

You can easily do it by dragging and dropping the pertinent column on the desired place:

This can be done in all record selection dialog boxes, such as the "Record picker" and the "Select at print time" dialog.


BarTender v10.1 and earlier

If it is not possible to modify the column order directly in the database, as an alternative, they can use a Custom SQL Statement. You will need to replace the field names and excel sheet name with the information from your own database.

The order of the fields on the SQL Statement will be that of the position on which they are written, for example:

SELECT  `DatabaseFieldName1`,  `DatabaseFieldName2`, `DatabaseFieldName3` FROM  `'Excel Sheet'`

Gives the order "DatabaseFieldName3", "DatabaseFieldName2", "DatabaseFieldName1".


While the statement:

SELECT  `DatabaseFieldName3`,  `DatabaseFieldName2`, `DatabaseFieldName1` FROM  `'Excel Sheet'`

Gives the order "DatabaseFieldName3", "DatabaseFieldName2", "DatabaseFieldName1".

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