Assign values to objects on the label via .NET SDK Follow

Laura Vela


How to assign a value to a label template object on your BarTender document using .NET SDK.

Applicable to

BarTender Automation Edition and above.


There are two ways to assign values to objects on a label via .NET SDK:

1. By assigning a name (Named Data Source) to that object, and then setting the value to this Named Data Source from your application.

2. By linking the document to a database (and each object to the pertinent database field) and later on changing the database in use for a different one using your application.

Many common methods for controlling database connections are supported, including:

  • Changing a Text File database connection's file name
  • Changing an OLE DB and ODBC SQL query statement
  • Setting query prompts defined on a label format

Additional resources

For more information on automating BarTender, please refer to BarTender Help.

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