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Which user account should I use for each service?


Under "Local System Account":

The services that need to run under the "Local System Account", regardless of the rights needed to perform an action. This is so, because some of these services (Print Scheduler and Integration Service) in order to properly work do, what we call an impersonation. When running with the local system account these services are able to run as if they were a different account (for example by defining a specific user account on the integration file).

  • BarTender Print Scheduler Service

  • Integration Service 

  • Printer Maestro service


Under "any" account (an account that has enough rights to perform the tasks for that service):

  • BarTender System Service (by default Local System Account)

This service is only used in Automation and Enterprise Automation editions and it is mostly responsible for connecting BarTender with the System Database as well as maintaining permissions for the integrations.

For this service, you will need to choose an account with the following attributes:

  • has local administrator rights
  • has domain-level access (if integrations need to reach across a network)
  • does not change its password
  • has access to the system database (if the database uses Windows Authentication)

If the system database uses SQL authentication, the last bullet point does not apply.


  • BarTender Web Print service (by default Local System Account)

This service is installed when using Print Portal or a Web application on a client and printing using Internet Printing for the first time.

  • Seagull License Server service (Local System Account)

The most important setting to guarantee that the Seagull License Server will work as expected is that the port with which it communicates with BarTender is open (by default UTP/UDP 5160). As this (usually) is not related to the Windows user account in use (but with the Firewall settings instead), running it as a Local System Account should be fine.

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