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BarTender can receive Print Job Events and Print Job Verification via the Seagull printer driver and through the Printer Maestro Service. There are several ways on how BarTender and its companion applications can retrieve and display this information, but this article is going to cover how this can be done via the use of .NET SDK.

Applicable to

BarTender Automation Edition and above.


When automating BarTender using .NET SDKs, the print job information can be retrieved through "Print Job Status Events" via the "Engine" class. 

Job status events provided by the BarTender Print SDK include: 









For example, the below code demonstrates how to receive the JobSent event:

Note that if Job Verification is enabled, the PrintJobEventArgs used by this event can be cast to JobSentEventArgs to verify that printing has completed. If job verification is not enabled, this event will occur when the print job has been sent to the printer. In this case, the event does not ensure that the print job has been printed.

Job verification can be activated within Seagull printer drivers, by accessing properties under the Tools > Status Monitoring > Job verification tab (you'll need to first activate status monitoring under the "Status" tab):

Additional resources

  • For more specific information on making use of .NET SDKs from BarTender, start your BarTender copy, open the "Help > BarTender Help" Menu and visit the "Automating BarTender > Automation with the BarTender .NET SDK" section.
  • For more general information on automating BarTender, please refer to BarTender Help.

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