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When printing from my database integration, I do not just get the selected records that I wish to print. Instead, a I get a multiple of the total records that I want to print.

For a practical example, consider this scenario:

  • Something puts 5 records on the table
  • The integration sees 5 records and begins to process them one by one
  • 1st record processed by the integration. It sends a print request. The label is also connected to this same table. It sees there are 5 records. It prints 5 labels for this job because there are 5 records.
  • Integration deletes 1 records . There are now 4 records .
  • Next record, the integration sends a print request for this record. The label finds 4 records and prints 4 labels.

This continues on until all records are removed. Now imagine you have 100 records and this issue quickly gets out of hand. 



Make sure that the BarTender Document is not set up/configured such that it is connected directly to the database that the integration is connected to.

Instead, make sure that the label is using Named Data Sources instead.

Please see this article on how to properly set up a Database Integration: Printing a document using Database Triggers 

If you are Only Experiencing the Print Quantity Issue Directly from BarTender

You will want to look here for a potential resolution: Print Quantity is Incorrect When Printing From BarTender

More Information

The problem usually resides with the affected BarTender Document being attached to the same database that the Database Integration is using as a trigger.

When a database change triggers the integration, the BarTender Document is called, but it is referencing the entire database. This action, therefore, tells the BarTender Document to print all the records in the database.

The "multiples of the total selected records" appears when the customer is querying the total selected records that they wish to print. The results in the "entire database" are only going to be the selected records that they chose to print. Thus, if the BarTender Document is still connected to the database directly, then the result will be a multiple of their total selected records.


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