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Can I make For Position Only (FPO) barcodes in BarTender?


FPO equates to For Position Only or For Placement Only; Blank placeholders or temporary low-resolution illustrations are watermarked or stamped with the acronym FPO to indicate where the final version of an image is to be placed. They preserve the pagination that will be needed once the final images are added.


BarTender 2016 and later.


There is no specific FPO, or "For Position Only" barcode label in BarTender Designer. However, you can design one yourself.

1. Place a barcode onto your label, right-click on the barcode and choose Properties.

2. Click on the top item on the left-hand pane and select the option for Preprinted. This option will tell the printer that the barcode is just "for positioning only" and will not print during print time.


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