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A BarTender license which includes a hardware key(USB key) will require customers to plugin the USB key into the computer in order to activate BarTender.

It may sometimes happen that Windows does not detect the USB key when plugged in which will prevent users from activating their BarTender software.

Hardware dongle has not been detected. Error message 1052 when trying to activate BarTender / Seagull License Server. 

Applicable to

USB HASP Key with Product Key Code for BarTender 


Windows driver issue

Sometimes Windows might not automatically install the USB HASP key driver, through which the license will be activated. In order to solve this issue the relevant drivers have to be installed

 Follow the below steps to manually download and install the drivers for the USB HASP key and resolve the issue:

  1. Click on the following link: Thalesgroup
  2. At the link provided, the list should be filtered as follows and the highlighted driver should be downloaded:
  3. Install the downloaded driver.
  4. Activate BarTender after installing the driver.

The USB Key is defective

If the hardware dongle isn't detected by Windows, check if this happens on more than one computer. If this indeed happens on more than one computer, then the dongle may bephysically damaged.

If you suspect the USB key to be damanged please reach out to our sales team as they will be able to help you resolve this issue.


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