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  • Even after running Seagull driver wizard and advanced removal to uninstall all Seagull driver components, the Seagull driver wizard fails. The Seagull driver wizard UI shows a failed message and blank driver window with no additional messages.
  • Attempting to install the Seagull drivers manually via Windows Control Panel->Devices/Printers->Add Printer fails with the following error.
  • You will also see the following error messages in the advanced driver logging and Windows event viewer.
Seagull XPML Server, Information, Info, 3/8/2018 1:17:56 AM, 57359, Info WebServerBase::Run: Starting server on port 5130
Seagull DriverWizard V3, Error, Errors, 4/2/2018 4:17:59 PM, 2210456015, Installer::InstallDriverFromStore: UploadPrinterDriverPackage for Zebra 170Xi4 (300 dpi)_Cutter failed, error code:800F024B
Seagull DriverWizard V3, Error, Errors, 4/2/2018 4:17:59 PM, 2210456015, Installer::Install_WindowsVersion6: Failed to install Zebra 170Xi4 (300 dpi)_Cutter, error code:800F024B


Using any Seagull printer driver.


There maybe some leftover Seagull printer driver .inf files still existing in the driver store on the system preventing new Seagull printer drivers from being installed. To correct the issue, do the following:

  • Open the Windows Command prompt as adminstrator
  • Run the command pnputil -e
  • This will list all of the .ini files that reside in the store, it would look similar to this:


  • Remove all the .inf files that are labeled "Seagull"
  • To remove the file(s), use the command pnputil -d <published name>.inf


  • Try using the Seagull Driver Wizard to install the printer again after removing the package

More Information (optional)

 See: DEVQ-4401

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