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 How to combine a query prompt and a record picker.


 In order to "filter" and update a record picker using a data entry control (for example a text input box, a drop down list or any other type of control) you would need to follow these steps:

1. As a first step you'll need to create a query prompt over the field you wish to apply the filter over (from the "File > Database Connection Setup..." menu item):
Once done that, you will be able to "link" that query prompt with a control in the Data Entry form.

2. Add a control (on my example below I'm using a drop down list, but feel free to use whichever you prefer) to the Data Entry form; then "drag and drop" the query prompt on the control (you can also link the control to the query prompt from its properties):

3. Finally you should create a "record picker" control. My personal recommendation would be to also disable the "Search Control" as you are already running the filter through the query prompt:

If you now try to print (or do a print preview) you'll be able to filter the record selection through the control, and then choose the appropriate record:


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