How to setup an Integration between Oracle WMS and the Integration Platform Follow

Jasper Wen


What steps do I follow in order to integrate Oracle WMS (XML based) with the Integration Platform?


Integration Setup

The following outlines how the Oracle WMS integration should be setup for the Integration platform.

  1. Oracle WMS XML data is sent to the Integration Platform via (file integration, TCP/IP socket integration, web service integration etc.)
  2. Oracle WMS XML data is transformed into BTXML using the "Oracle WMS Print Request to BTXML" integration action.
  3. The BTXML is executed using the "Print BTXML script" integration action.


See attached OracleXML.btin file.

BarTender document setup

  1. Text delimited data is used to print. The text file database connection setup is defined in the BTXML directly. You do not not setup a database connection in the BarTender document.
  2. The "variable name" parameters in the Oracle XML data get mapped as database fields and data passed into the BarTender document to print.


See attached Material.btw and Material.xml file.

These Oracle WMS samples are installed with BarTender and located in: C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\BarTender\BarTender Documents\Oracle.

More Information (Optional)

Note, in order BarTender/Commander legacy versions, the XML2TXT.exe and a Commander operating system command was used to convert the Oracle WMS XML data to BarTender command script data instead. The BarTender command script was then executed by Commander/BarTender to print.


Karthikeyan Gopaluni
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The step 3 in integration setup calls for "Print BTXML script"  but the screen shot shows Print Batch. Which one should we use? I tried both on 2019 R2 release and they are not working.  Also in this setup it was not showing .btw setup/usage in the integration configuration, can that be added for clarity?

Appreciate any help/clarifications provided.




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