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How do I create headers/footers and Invoice/Packing list items type document? How can I add multiple database records onto a single label?


This articles applies to BarTender 10.1 and 2016. While this feature remains for legacy purposes in BarTender 2019 and later, it has been effectively replaced with Table Objects
  1. Under File ->Page Setup -> Page tab set the following:
    • Set the page size and orientation
    • Enable Page Template* option under file->page setup->page tab
  2. Under the File -> Page Setup -> Layout tab set the following:
    • Set the number of rows accordingly to number of records from the database that is needed per page and columns to one.
    • Set the margins accordingly for page template design and area to be printed on each page such as top and bottom margins for the header and footer.
    • Set template size accordingly to the space for each line item in the list. Set the gap/pitch accordingly to how much space you want between line items.

See attached files and example

More Information

Applies to BarTender v10.1 and higher. 

BarTender Designer 2016 still only supports a single record to be printed per label. Though we do have the option to create a Page Template, you are restricted to this Packing List form-factor in order to produce your label.

If you wish to add multiple database records on a single label but have more flexibility on where the data is on the label, this is currently not a feature available in BarTender.

*Enable Page Template: Enables you to create a page template on which you can place objects anywhere on the page, including in the margins. Enabling a page template adds a Page Template tab to the bottom of the design area alongside your existing template tabs and the data entry form. If the Separate designs for front and back of item template option is also enabled, you can design a separate page template for each side of the item.

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