Getting Warning Message #3703 When Trying to Print a Label in BarTender Follow


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When you attempt to print your label to your desired printer, sometimes this warning message 3703 comes up. It mentions that the printer that your printer does not support the page size that is as defined in the BarTender Document.


This message occurs when you are printing to a printer that the label is not saved to and/or does not have the same page size available. You will need to go into your Page Setup settings and correct the page size in the page setup of the label. BarTender will attempt to approximate and do this automatically for you if you click the "Automatically Adjust Page Setup" option.

More Information

BarTender works inherently with the printer driver that you are printing to during print time. You want to design your labels with the end printer that you wish to print to in mind. This is because the printer driver defines the restrictions of the printer itself, and this ensures that you design a label that fits within those restrictions that the printer has defined. If you change the printer that you wish to print to with this label, you are redefining the parameters of what the printer can handle, which can lead to this warning.


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