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You want to limit the numbers allowed to be input into a field on a form. For example, you want users to only be able to enter digits 0-9 excluding 6


 BarTender 2016


This is most effective with text input boxes.

  1.  Open up the properties of the Text Input box. Make sure a data source is linked.
  2. On the Data Entry tab, select adjust the character filter
  3. Create a Custom filter with only the allowed characters/numbers


More Information (optional)

 If Validation isn't available, there is a rare issue where the Validation boxes don't appear with Professional edition. With the label and the form still assembled, here's a fix that seems to be permanent:

  1. Return to the label form.
  2. Double click on the text field linked to the Text Input Box
  3. Select the Data Source then Transform
  4. Create a custom Character Filter (to any type. It doesn't seem to matter)
  5. Select OK then close it.
  6. Return to the Form and the Text Input Box
  7. Open up the properties and select Data Entry. Validation will be present.

Once you put the Transform on the Text Input Box, the Validation field always shows up. You can restart the computer or BarTender, create and delete form inputs, and the Validation box still shows up.

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