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 You are looking to do a silent install for BarTender and would like to know how to extract the installation files


There maybe some scenarios where a you want to be able to extract the BarTender .msi and installation files. This may be for silent installs or various other types of deployments

In BarTender 2016

You can do the following to extract the BarTender .msi and installation related files:

  1. Open the Windows command prompt
  2. In the Windows command prompt, use the cd command to change the directory to where the BarTender .exe installer is located.
  3. Run the command <BarTender Installer name>.exe /a. This will bring up a wizard to allow you to extract the .msi and related installation files to a specific directory location.

In BarTender 2019 and later

While you can extract the msi file using the /extract parameter, Silent Installation now requires the full installer package instead of the msi. Please see BarTender silent installation for more information.

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