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Does the Integration Platform require a BarTender System Database?

Applicable to 

BarTender 2016 and later

the Integration Platform


For BarTender 2016

No, a BarTender System Database is not required to be installed or configured for the Integration Platform to run, unless the integration is making use of cloud storage options (e.g., Dropbox, FTP, Secure FTP and WebDAV) as these resources are stored in the BarTender System Database:

Cloud storage configurations are stored in the BarTender System Database. Because of this, deploying integrations containing cloud storage options to remote computers requires that the target server must be connected to the same BarTender System Database instance as is the computer from which you are deploying the integration.


For BarTender 2019 and later

In these versions, in addition to need a System Database when using cloud storage options, a System Database is also required when remotely deploying an integration. The BarTender System Database stores the different Servers information into which an integration could be deployed. The System Database is only required on the computer where the integration is being created and not in the target server (computer where it is going to be deployed).

As such, it is not mandatory for both servers (integration creation and deployment) to use the same BarTender System database.


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