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You would like to print two labels to two different printers. Both documents have serialization which need to be synchronized by always printing out the same amount for both labels each time. How can you control the print quantity to keep the serialized counters the same and reduce the possibility of user error?


You will need at least BarTender 2016 Automation edition to do this

Let's start with Label1 which sets up the form that controls the print quantity. For this example, you'll need a Global Data Field that controls the print quantity (we've called it testQuantity).

1. Set up the label with the desired serialization as well as with the desired printer.

2. For this example, we've set up a very basic data entry form that just takes in the quantity to be printed and linked the Print Dialog Data Source "Serial Numbers" to the input box. This will automatically link the form to the print dialog.


3. Open up the properties for "Serial Numbers" and change the data source to your Global Data Field


Now we've set the link between the Global Data Field, your print quantity, and the data entry form. Save that and let's start on Label 2.


For Label2, set up the label to your specifications with the serialization and desired printer.

1. Open up the print dialog and click the properties_icon.png icon. 


Select the Data Source and change the type to match the Global Data field from the other label.



Now that you have both documents set up, create a batch and put the labels in order.


Save the batch and run it. The first label will request the print quantity and the second label will print out with the same quantity.


More Information

When testing the global data field, using Print Preview will not affect it. The Global Data Field value will only be saved in an actual print.

Demo files:

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