Hardware requirements for Seagull License Server (v2016 or earlier) Follow


BarTender Content Team

This articles applies to BarTender 2016 and below.


Do we have a list of the minimum hardware requirements for Seagull License Server?


Although we do not have official hardware requirements for Seagull License Server (SLS), please have in mind the following general recommendations from our development team:


  • A reasonably fast CPU 2.5-3 GHz or better. Dual core is good but not required since SLS does not take advantage running on multiple CPU's.
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM.
  • 1 Gigabit or better network card. The goal is to get the data from the wire to Seagull License Server as fast as possible.
  • No Hard drive requirements. SLS takes very little hard drive space in comparison to other applications. You just need the minimum hard drive space for applications and Windows to run fluently enough.



If you intend to perform remote SLS administration, this will require more network traffic. As an example, the entire print list is transferred over when viewing SLS remotely. 

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