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 How do you group records in a record selector on the data entry form? How can you nest groups?


 Simple grouping

Open properties dialog for the Record Picker. The settings for the record picker will allow you to group and automatically sort records by a field name.


your form will now reflect the grouping you've set. For this example, I've sorted by the Class field:



Nested grouping

It is possible to nest multiple groups. You will need to go to print or print preview so that your record selector dialog pops up. Once it does, expand a column and choose to Group By This Column. You can do this multiple times.


Once you group by more than one column, a flow chart will appear at the top to tell you how the grouping is ordered.


Clearing grouping

You can clear the grouping directly on the record selector. Open it up with either Print or Print Preview then right click on a group.


You can either UnGroup to clear a grouping layer or simply clear them all out.

More Information

Once you hit Preview or Print, the grouping is saved and preserved each time you open the form. If you hit cancel, the grouping will be reset to none or whatever you set in the Properties dialog.

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