Invalid password for Print Portal Service Account prompt during BarTender Installation Follow

Alex Sempf

BarTender Content Team


During BarTender Print Portal installation, prompt appears to inform that "A user account called IIS_WEBPRINT already exists on this computer" and prompts for the account's password. The entered password is invalid or you do not know where to obtain the password for this account.


  • BarTender Installer, with BarTender Print Portal feature selected
  • BarTender 2016 and above


The issue can be resolved by resetting the password to the IIS_WEBPRINT account.

We recommend the following steps to be performed by an IT admin while being logged in as an administrator

1. Go to Control Panel > User Accounts > Manage User Accounts
2. Under "Users" tab, select the IIS_WEBPRINT account
3. Click "Reset Password" and specify a new password for the account (this password change should take effect immediately)

4. Enter the new specified password for IIS_WEBPRINT account within the Print Portal Service Account prompt window to successfully finish the BarTender installation process

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