My number is being formatted into scientific notation! How do I fix it in Excel and then BarTender? Follow


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I'm pulling data from Excel onto my label, but every time I do, it comes out in scientific notation. How do I fix this?


With long numbers from an Excel database, sometimes the label will come out like this in scientific notation:


This is happening because Excel is truncating the number.



You can trick Excel into treating this as a number. First delete the contents then change the cell format:


Paste or type the number into the formula bar, not the cell


Once you hit enter, you'll notice a warning pop up:


Excel is now angry that you're storing a number as text, but now you have actual text instead of scientific notation! Go ahead and pull the data back into BarTender and the number should now show up normally.


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This StackExchange discusses different ways to fix this issue. The one above I've tested as working: 

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