BarTender .NET SDK Does Not Refresh and Recognize Ordering of Database Fields Follow


BarTender Content Team


For a text file database, the order of the database fields/columns when using BarTender .NET SDK may not follow the same order and arrangement as during design time while printing directly in BarTender Designer.


  • BarTender Automation Edition and above
  • BarTender .NET SDK
  • Text File Database


You can use the following BarTender .NET SDK methods and executed them in the following order so that BarTender reorders the database fields for a text file database to match the same order and arrangement in BarTender Designer.

  1. The TextFile.UseFieldNamesFromFirstRecord and any text file/database related properties must be set first.
  2. The DatabaseConnections.SetDatabaseConnection method has to executed after.
  3. Finally, the PrintSetup.ReloadTextDatabaseFields property can be set to true.

Additional resources

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