Error 3717 Printer Code Modifier failed (plus problems with slash zero) Follow

Samantha Petro


 When trying to print, the user receives Error message 3717:



 BarTender Designer


This is happening because of a printer code modification. You can find the printer code modifications by going to File > BarTender Document Options. On the General tab, click the Action List button:


For this example, it's ZPL being replaced. The code says to replace a character using code set 0 (and older code set). This in particular replaces the 0 with ∅, aka slash zero. This is primarily a cosmetic change so that people can distinguish between 0 and O.

The problem in this instance is that the ZPL produced never had a regular ^CI0 code to begin with so the search/replace errored out. Removing the Action caused the error to go away.

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 Another option to not using printer code modifications is to use TTF to add a slash zero in: 

More information from zebra about the ZPL to use a slash zero: 

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