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Can BarTender connect to a Smartsheet database?

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All versions of BarTender.


Yes, you can connect to a Smartsheet database as an ODBC connection using this ODBC driver from Smartsheet. See the instructions below:


1. Download the installer from the page linked above. Look in the How to Get It section.


A Smartsheet license may be required to use this tool. You may need to reach out to Smartsheet for more details.

2. Once you've downloaded and installed the Smartsheet Live Data Connector, open your BarTender document and go to File > Database Connection Setup.

3. You will be prompted to select a connector. Select ODBC Connection and click Next.


4. You should see your Smartsheet connector on the following list. Click on it and follow the prompts to finish connecting your database.

Additional Resources.

Getting started with database connections (Video - 5:20)

More Information

The ODBC driver provided by Smartsheet is read-only and does not support writing to the database.

Please refer to the Smartsheet Live Data Connector user documentation here.

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