Amazon S3 integration fault: "Unable to find the specified file." + "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." Follow


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 When using Amazon S3 as a cloud storage for a file integration, the Integration faults immediately after starting with the following error messages:

An error occurred while watching folder 'amazon://(scan folder address)'. Details: Unable to find the specified file.

followed by:

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


  • BarTender Integrations
  • Amazon S3 cloud storage location


This series of errors means that the integration doesn't have permissions to access a folder for polling and it causes the Integration to be unable to reach the folder properly.

Amazon S3 sets the permissions for a folder depending upon who created it. So if user A created the folder, user B cannot use it for polling. While the Amazon S3 doesn't have a username and password to access the folder, it has an ID key that is created by a specific user. User B's ID key won't work for polling User A's folders.

There are two ways to fix the error

  • Create the polled folders under the same user name as the ID key generated
  • Generate a new ID key with the user who created the folder

Once the ID key and the folder's creator match, these error messages go away.


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