Integration Error #3600 "Template does not reference any database fields" when using Named Data Sources Follow


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When working with an integration that uses Named Data Sources instead of a database connection in a BarTender document, the Integration returns error #3600 "The print job has been aborted because Template does not reference any database fields". If this error is ignored, the job will process regardless even after saying the print job has been aborted.


But when you look at the BarTender document, the area where a Database Connection would appear is empty:



BarTender 2016 and 2019, while printing a label through an integration.


1. Uncheck the Database Override checkbox. Doing this allows the integration to use your input data, instead of looking for a database connection that doesn't exist.

  • This option is located in the Print Document action in Integration Builder.

2. Save the integration and redeploy it.



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