If you have multiple of the same printer model, can you change the driver version for just one? Follow

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If you have multiple of the same printer model, can you change the driver version for just one and leave the others untouched?


Unfortunately no. Our drivers are installed to the shared pool of drivers on the computer. Changing one will affect all the other printers using this driver.

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How each attempt to update drivers reacts:

Updating through the Printer Properties dialog

You can change the driver in the Printer Properties dialog directly by going to the Advanced tab then clicking on New Driver:


When you tell the wizard where to look by manually locating the inf file (for our drivers, this is located by default on Desktop/Seagull/driver version number), the wizard will then present you with a question:


the recommended option will use the current driver in the driver pool and not actually change the driver used for this printer.

The second option will update the driver in the pool and subsequently update all printers using that driver.

Using our driver wizard

When running our driver wizard, you have the option to upgrade your printers. When you do so, you're presented with a list of printers to upgrade:


For this example, I've only chosen Copy 1 of the KR403 printer to upgrade. The source says it's version 2018.3 and also the available driver also confirms this.

When you continue in the wizard to update the driver, and the wizard completes, the driver for both copies of KR403 is still version 2018.2. If both printers are checked, the version is updated to 2018.3 as the driver in the pool is also updated.

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