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 How do you reference the value of a Data Entry Form object in VB Script?


 The value of a Data Entry Form object cannot be referenced directly like you would with an object value, but you can reference the template object it's linked to. Here's how to do this:

1. Create an off-label object or use one on the template. This is best done using text boxes. For this example, I've named my text box "Data Entry Object"


2. Link the data entry form object to this object within the properties dialog. 


3. Reference the object within the script. In this example, the script will look like this:

Format.Objects("Data Entry Object").Value

The script assistant will help you write the script if you need it. You can double click the value in the list to add it to your script.


More Information (Optional)

Warning 5634

Some objects will force the template object to match a certain type. When this happens, you'll see Warning 5634. Just click OK and BarTender will handle the rest:



Unique data entry form elements

A checkbox object lets you choose what the value is depending on if it's checked or not.



Objects that cannot be referenced this way

  • Record pickers
  • Word Processor box

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