Error message 3757: Reference to a nonexistent field Follow


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When trying to print a BarTender document, the user receives Error Message 3757 "The following places reference a nonexistent field"


This message may be followed by Error Message 3201 "Database field not found"



The error message will tell you the location of where to look:


In this case, we're looking at the suppression transform for Text 32. The reasons for this error can be the following:

  • The database field no longer exists
  • The database schema has changed (linking a new database without updating the fields)
  • Database fields have been rearranged (happens primarily with text files and Excel spreadsheets)
  • BarTender is parsing the fields strangely.

The first three issues are fixed by fixing the database link. It may involve correcting the field name or simply relinking the field in the transform dialog. Check out the documentation for Error 3201 for possible fixes.

The fourth error is a bizarre one. There are times when BarTender adds extra '/' at the end of a field name. This seems to occur when there's a schema error that you correct and BarTender simply doesn't seem to read the field name correctly.

In this case, create an object that references the database field (an off-label object) or use one that already exists. Make this object a named data source then reference the named data source in the transform dialog.


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