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 I want to send multiple records at once over a web service integration. Is that possible?


Short answer: when using GET, no. When using POST, yes.

Using GET

GET integrations do not allow for more than one record due to how data is being sent. The information is pieced together then sent to BarTender as part of the URL as shown here in Insomnia:


This means only one record can be sent at a time since only one record fits into the URL.

Using POST

POST integrations do not send information over the URL so this allows you to send as many records as you want in one go:


When using the %Response% variable as a response, each record may show up as its own print job depending upon how the data is separated. For my example, I'm sending the printer information in the POST, so each record is a considered separate print job.

For more information about response patterns, see What is in a web service integration response by default? 

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