Client machines require a restart after updating Seagull printer driver to v2018.3 Follow


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When updating from a Seagull driver version 7.4.3 or older on a network, the client computers will require a restart before they can pull the new driver from the print server


Seagull Drivers v2018.3


This problem is caused by the difference in printer certificates used in each version. Version 2018.3 had a new certificate generated for it (so that it wouldn't be expired in the new release) and Windows seems to take longer to recognize this server-side. This forces the clients to require a restart to update.

If you install the certificates first before the upgrade, no restart is required. Else the only fix is to restart the clients.

Please see this article about extracting certificates from our drivers: Installing Authenticode signature prior to Seagull Driver installation 

More Information

This is an unfixable issue as it deals with Windows. Please see this JIRA for more information: https://seagull/jira/browse/DRV-3340 


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