"Record Set Error": Database Connection related error message Follow


BarTender Content Team


 When opening up a label, you receive a Record Set error similar to this:



This error means that the database file has been moved, deleted, or is otherwise no longer at the location BarTender believes it to be. You'll need to manually correct the error.

Open up the Database Setup Dialog by clicking on the database icon or going to File > Database Connection Setup.

On this dialog, click the [Configure Connection] button


A new dialog will open up telling you of where it thinks the database file should be located. Since this is wrong, click browse and locate the correct location of the database file.


Click Finish.

You may receive one additional dialog popping up


Click Yes on this dialog. The next dialog that pops up will ask which tables you want. Select the tables (tabs in Excel) from the list:


Once you've selected your tables, click finish and you're done!


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