Error message 3602: No items printed because zero copies were requested from the database file Follow


BarTender Content Team


When trying to preview or print a template, Error message 3602 appears:




This error message might be a bit misleading as it has nothing to do with the print quantity or number of copies per serial number. Instead this error message has to do with a conditional print statement on the template itself.

Go to File > Page Setup and click on the Templates tab.


Take a look at the conditional statement set here. For this example, the Customer field must begin with CUST. 

What causes this error is that no records in the connected database meet this condition to print. So for the example, there are no rows in this database that have a Customer field that begins with CUST. This means that there is nothing for BarTender to print.

Consider removing or changing the conditional statement or adding a row in the database that matches the conditional statement. Once that is done, the error message will go away.


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