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No Integration messages show up regardless of whether you are using a system database or not. When looking at your Integration Service logs (C:\ProgramData\Seagull\Services\Logging), you may see something similar to this:

Unable to send message to messaging service. Details: An error occurred while opening the queue: Unrecognized error -1072824317 (0xc00e0003). The message cannot be sent or received from the queue. Ensure that MSMQ is installed and running. Also, ensure that the queue is available to open with the required access mode and authorization.


BarTender 2016 and later


This error means that the Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) could not be found.

1. First, ensure that the MSMQ service has been installed. See Microsoft's documentation on how to do this: Installing MSMQ  

2. If the MSMQ service is installed correctly, check to see if Seagull's MSMQs are present. Open Computer Management > Services and Applications > Message Queuing > Private Queues. If what you find looks like the screenshot below, the correct files are present.


3. If the files are not there, try the following:

  • Launch an Administrator-level Command Prompt by right-clicking on the Command Prompt icon and selecting "Run as Administrator."
  • Navigate to the correct directory by running this command:
    • cd C:\Program Files\Seagull\BarTender Suite
In the above file path, only use "BarTender Suite" if you are using BarTender 2016. For any version above 2016, use "BarTender 20xx" with the "xx" representing the version you're using. For example, use  "C:\Program FIles\Seagull\BarTender 2019" for version 2019.
  • Next, type in the following commands in order
    • net stop "BarTender Integration Service" [enter]
    • net stop "BarTender Print Scheduler" [enter]
    • Integration.Service.exe /uninstall [enter]
    • PrintScheduler.Service.exe /uninstall [enter]
    • Integration.Service.exe /install [enter]
    • PrintScheduler.Service.exe /install [enter]
    • net start "BarTender Integration Service" [enter]
    • net start "BarTender Print Scheduler" [enter]

4. Another option is to try uninstalling BarTender. Go to Add or Remove Programs and select BarTender.

5. Choose Uninstall.

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