Unable to Export Printer Code Template containing images (Error #3905) Follow


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When trying to export an ITF Printer Code Template from a label template that uses Image Objects, BarTender Software will display a 3905 VBScript error similar to this one:



Supported versions of BarTender Software


As the error states, this is an encoding error with the format and options that are current in the driver.

Make sure that you are using a printer font

Go into the barcode properties and go to the symbology and size options.

Click on the Print Method button and change the setting to barcodes and human readable controlled by BarTender (middle option).

After this is done go to File --> Print and click on the Document Properties button.

Go to the Options tab and change the Encoding type to Hex*.

More Information

* Some printer drivers may not have the Hex option to switch to; instead deselect Binary Downloading.

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