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The License Server Remote Assistant helps BarTender maintain the proper printer count when printing in Citrix and Remote Desktop environments.

You should install the Remote Assistant when all of the following conditions are true:

  • You are running an edition of BarTender that is licensed by printer count.
  • BarTender is running inside a client session of Citrix XenApp or Windows Remote Desktop.
  • You are using that session of BarTender to print to one or more printers attached to your client PC.

Download and Install


Please make sure to choose the version of the Remote Assistant that matches your environment.

To install the Remote Assistant, just double click on the downloaded MSI file.

Before installing the SLS Remote Assistant, make sure to first install Citrix Receiver / Citrix Workspace App, which includes the required Citrix (ICA) virtual channel (v12.0 minimum required).

For more information on Remote Assistant, please read the White Paper Printer-Based Licensing.

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