Error 1179: The BarTender Licensing Service was not detected Follow


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While installing BarTender, the following happens:

  • The installer dialog seems to just disappear during installation
  • BarTender is shown as successfully installed in the installation logs and in the programs list
  • When trying to open a BarTender application, you receive the following error
              The BarTender Licensing Service was not detected. Please start it and try again.
  • All BarTender services are stopped or have no status next to them.
  • Attempting to start any of these services may result in a dependency error
  • Restarting the system doesn't help


  • BarTender 2019
  • Computer or server using Windows Group Policies


The source of the error is dependencies. BarTender relies on several Windows services, most of which are turned on by default. But one particular service is missing on the services list:


When 2019 is installed, the wizard attempts to also install 2014 SQL Express. Error codes returned from the SQL install are skipped, as many of them are innocuous. Yet in this scenario, something did go wrong. You'll need to manually install SQL Express and fix any errors that show up along the way.


To fix this issue, you must correct the errors that are happening during SQL Server Express installation. To do this, please follow Install BarTender SQL Server Express Manually.

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