BarTender Error Message # 3409 - Current User Has No Permission to Use the Printer Follow


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When trying to print, you see an error stating that the current user has no permission to use the current printer:



BarTender 2019 and later


BarTender 2019 introduced printer permissions, controlled by the licensing in the Administration Console. This error message originates from the printer either being blocked or in a list the current user cannot access. The best place to start looking is in the "Blocked" list.

  1. Open the Administration Console
  2. Go to Licensing -> Printer Usage
  3. Go to the Permissions tab
  4. Expand the system that your license is on, then expand the Blocked group.

If the printer isn't in the blocked list and you're still receiving Error 3409, open up the other printer groups to locate the printer. Once you've found which group it belongs to, check the permissions, listed in the User Access Control section.

If you wish to add permissions to allow this user to use this printer, please see Controlling User Access in the Administration Console.

If you wish to move the printer out of the Blocked Group or another Printer Group, please do the following:

  1. Right-Click and select "Edit the selected printer"
  2. Change the printer group:
  3. Click OK 

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