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This articles applies to BarTender 2019 and later.

In BarTender 2019 and later, you can create Printer Pools to control user access to License Partitions. If you're not familiar with the basics of Printer Pools and where to find them, please see this article: What are Printer Pools?

By default, your license will have one Printer Pool named "Printer Pool #1" linked to a default License Partition with permissions to allow everyone to use it.

In the Printer Pools section of the Administration console you can modify that default Printer Pool, add new ones, and remove unused ones to suit your business's needs.

You must have at least one Printer Pool linked to a License Partition else you cannot print and will receive Error Message #3411: No Printer Pools in License Server.

For all the following sections, you will need to navigate to the Printer Pools in the Administration Console. If you're not sure where that is, please follow the steps here.


Adding a new Printer Pool

To add a new Printer Pool, click on "Create a new Printer Pool" to open the dialog.


The dialog will automatically fill in a Printer Pool name depending on how many pools were created before it. The description is optional.

Note: You can change the Name and Description of your Printer Pool at any time after creation

Once you're done, click OK and you've made a partition.


Removing a Printer Pool

Deleting the Printer Pool means that the linked License Partition can no longer be used. However the linked Partition can be assigned to a different Pool to continue to be used.

If you want to remove a Printer Pool, click on the Pool name to expand it. On the right side of the name, click the gear icon and select "Delete Printer Pool."


A dialog box will appear to confirm you wish to delete this Pool. Select OK to delete or Cancel to keep the Printer Pool.


Linking a Printer Pool to a License Partition

Open the Printer Pool you wish to link by clicking on the Pool's name. Next click on the "License Partitions" to open the linked Partition section. Click "Select Partitions" to open up the linking dialog:


The Select License Partitions dialog will list all the Partitions that do not have a paired Printer Pool and are currently not being used for printing. A License Partition can only be paired with one Printer Pool, so if a Partition is already paired, it will not appear on the list.

This dialog will detail a number of things, but for linking, the most important pieces are the name of the license where the License Partition is located, the printer count, and the supported version.

Tick the checkbox next to the partition you wish to link. In this example, I'm linking the 70 printer count Partition to my empty pool:


Note: You can select more than one Partition from the list, but it's easier to manage the License Partition - Printer Pool pair when they match up with a one-to-one relationship.

Once you've made your selection and click OK, the Partition and the Pool are now linked. The linked Partition will now appear in the Printer Pool's Partition list.


Breaking the link with a License Partition

If for some reason you need to break the link between a License Partition and a Printer Pool, you can do this in the Printer Pools section as well. Open the Printer Pool you wish to link by clicking on the Pool's name. Next click on the "License Partitions" to open the linked Partition section.

Simply click on the red X to the right of the Partition you wish to unlink.


A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm this unlinking. Click OK to confirm or Cancel to keep the link.

Note: Breaking the link does not delete either the License Partition or the Printer Pool. It simply breaks the connection between the two.


Setting User Permissions

For information on how to set User Access permissions, please see Controlling User Access in the Administration Console

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