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 When working with an Amazon S3 cloud-based integration, the integration will fail with the message that the difference between the request time and current time is too large:



 BarTender Integrations working with Amazon S3.


This error message is originating from the S3 server, causing the Integration to subsequently failed when it's denied access to the drop folder on the S3 server.

In short, Amazon's S3 servers keep very accurate time by synchronizing to a network time protocol server. When the local computer (the one hosting the integration) attempts to access the files on the S3, the server compares local time to server time. If there is a discrepancy, access to the server is denied and returns this error.

Discrepancies are not caused by differences in time zones, as the S3 takes this into account. The discrepancy arises when the local computer's clock is off. This could happen for a number of reasons, but common ones could include

  • waking the computer up from sleep and running the integration before the computer's able to synchronize the clock
  • manually adjusting the time
  • the computer isn't set to automatically synchronize with a network time protocol server

For the most part, this error can be resolved by keeping the integration computer awake and synchronized with a network time protocol server. For a network using Windows Domain Networking, this time protocol server is your primary domain controller. For all other computers, it's synched with an internet-based network time protocol server.

Ensure that your primary domain controller (for domain networking) or your local computer (for all other networks) are synchronizing with a network time protocol server properly.

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